Trifecta Weekend Pass

Trifecta Weekend Pass

What is it?

An easy and effective way to run the three distance of the Trifecta Weekend on one event.

Where can I use it?

Our Trifecta Weekend Pass will allow you to race the three distance Sprint, Super Beast in one weekend.

How do I use it?

Using your Trifecta Weekend Pass is easy. Just follow these steps:

Check our "Spartan Pass" page on our website and click on Register for the Trifecta Weekend Pass that you want.
You will be transfer to the Trumin website (our registration company partner)
Once your registration will be done, you will automaticly see the three event in your profile (the system refreshing the accounts every one hour). An email with all the information about the Trifecta Destination Pass will be automaticly send to you.

NOTE: Your Trifecta Weekend passes are transferable once purchased race by race.
We are not able to credit current or past registrations toward the cost of a pass.
We are not able to refund current registrations if you buy a pass after signing up for an event.
The pass is non refundable.

Anything else I need to know?

There are a few other important details:

Trifecta Weekend Pass is NOT valid for Ultra Beast or Hurrican Heat.
Trifecta Weekend Pass is NOT valid for international events.
Trifecta Weend Pass is non-refundable.
After purchase of the Trifecta Weekend Pass, the racer is still responsible for mandatory Racer Insurance and processing fee PER RACE, upon registration for the specific event.
If you complete a registration using your Trifecta Menu Pass, but are unable to attend, standard deferment policies apply.
Trifecta Menu Pass can be applied to ELITE, COMPETITIVE time blocks.

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