What Is A Hurricane Heat? Or The HH12HR?

What you will need for the HH12HR: you will need to be able to perform, self supported, for the duration of the event. We recommend a large ruck (military based backpack), a 2-3L Hydration Unit, and whatever food you'll need to survive 12 hours of pushing beyond your limits. More required gear will be emailed to you in the week or two prior to the event.

Finishers will receive a unique HH12HR T-shirt as well as a one-of-a-kind HH12HR Finishers Patch to sport on their ruck or a Tac-Hat.

Please note: There is no guarantee that you will run the course and earn the corresponding medal for that regular course. Remember, you are signing up to compete in the HH12HR; if you finish, you will earn JUST the HH12HR Finisher Patch and Finisher Shirt.

How do I find a Hurricane Heat?

The Hurricane Heat will be making appearances at many Spartan races throughout the season, so check your race’s event-specific page and click the GET INFO button on your race of interest for details, and to see if the race has a Hurricane Heat. Then, during the registration process you will see a HURRICANE HEAT registration option, and you can select that if the race has that option.


*Hurricane Heats do not count toward earning a Trifecta

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