What does ‘payment status’ mean? (APPLIES FOR SPARTAN RACE MILANO SUPER ONLY)

  • PAYMENT_IN_PROGRESS - your payment has not been completed, this could be because you left the registration page prior to completing the payment. Please go to the registration page to complete your registration and payment
  • SELF_PAID - your payment has been completed. No additional action is required.
  • PAID_SOMEONE_ELSE - someone else (group manager, friend, company) has paid for your race entry. No further action is required.
  • PAY_LATER - someone else has started your registration, but has not paid for you. You would have received an email from Trumin with a link to the registration page to complete payment.
  • NO_PAYMENT_REQUIRED - you are not required to pay for your race entry. This is likely if you have registered to complete the event through a charity, or if your group manager has paid for all participant entries. No further action is required.
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