2020 Transfer rules


The following transfer options are only valid for Spartan Race Europe events in the West:
Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Andorra, Italy, France, Greece and Switzerland


The purchase of an entry ticket for a Spartan Race event is non-refundable. However, the company Xchange Sport & Event AG offers the following different possibilities: 

  • The deferment is possible at all races in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, Andorra, Slovenia and France except for the Trifecta World Championship Event in Sparta/Greece.

  • The voucher code is valid for all races in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italia, Spain, Greece, Andorra, Slovenia and France except for special events like European Championships or Trifecta World Championships.

  • The voucher code is valid to be used for 3 months after the event date of the race that the race ticket was initially purchased for. The voucher code can be used for all races that offer an online registration by that time regardless of the event date of those events. 
    (e.g. if the Sprint race which is taken place of 14th of April 2019 will be deferred on 10th of March 2019 the voucher code will be valid till 14th of July 2019. The race the voucher is used for may be later that year, e.g. for a race in September 2019)

  • The value of the voucher code will be applied at the registration fee. Any remaining amount to be paid, due to a difference of the voucher value, and the registration fee is due for payment by the purchaser. The remaining amount due for payment is subject to service fees.

  • If the value of the voucher code exceeds the price for the new registration the remaining amount will be forfeited.

  • Only the paid amount for the registration that gets deferred is considered. If a discount or a deferment code was used for the original registration, only the amount that was paid to complete that registration will be considered. (e.g. if the payment for a €100 registration will be done with a 40% or €40 voucher code, the deferment for that race will be a €60 voucher code. Chronotrack calculates only the amount paid in, not the amount the race would cost. Therefore, if a 100% code will be used, the voucher code is worth €0.)


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