I want to give my ticket to an other participant

Yes, you can transfer you race to an other participant in the limited date idicate here : Follow the next info in order to do the transfer :

1. Go on your trumin account here :

2. Go in "My events"

3. If you do want to take part of the event, click "No"

4. Click on "Transfer my race" 

Warning : it's not possible to transfer your race if you already signed the waiver. You will need to contact our customer service in order to allow you to make the transfer. 

5. Informs the participant email (unique adress) or choise the race that you want to sign up for

6. Validate the transfer

If the race that you want to sign up is more expensive that the previous one, you will need to pay the difference plus the fees.


The other participant will receive an email automatickly. 

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