2018/2019 Transfer rules

Transfer Option 2018/2019


  • The following transfer options are only valid for Spartan Race Europe events in the West Germany, Austria, Holland, Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland
  • You can transfer your race to another category or race using a voucher (paid amount credit) (this voucher is not personal and can be given to someone).
  • A coupon code can not be used for a sold out event. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that the event is not sold out prior to the completion of the transfer if it is to be used in the same event.
  • It is not possible to refund a coupon code which has not been used after all races of its validity have taken place.
  • A coupon code can not be used for event series tickets. Only for single race registrations.
  • At the time of the transfer of your race, transfer fees will be displayed. These depend on when this is done (see below).
  • If you move your registration, you will receive a credit for the amount you have already paid (exclusive service fees)
  • If you or someone else wants to use the coupon code, you still pay the flat fee. The amount of the coupon code will be charged here. It is not possible to use any other discount codes or offers when registering for the event. Always only one.
  • The credit can not be used to pay taxes or handling fees. You will have to pay these fees again when you sign up for the new event.
  • Should it be the case that a balance remains after registration for the new race, it will expire. It can not be used for future events.
  • Since the system calculates the amount paid for a credit, promocodes can not be transferred. Here the system would then 0 € credit.
  • The voucher code with the credit is valid for all races and formats
    (Kids, Sprint, Super, Beast, Nightsprint, HH, HH12HR) in the year you deferr the race. "018 race will give you a 2018 code. 2019 races will give you a 2019 code). At events in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, France, Andorra, Italy, Switzerland.
  • If you should reset the new (used with a code) login again, only the amount that you paid on the second registration will be credited. Not the value of the first credit. Codes can only be reset once.
  • 100% coupon codes would be € 0 because technically no deposit has taken place.
  • It is not possible to defer a race twice.



    Get a Deferal code to register for an other race or to give to an other participant :

    1. Head over to Chronotrack (our registration system) and choose "Athlete Account" in the upper right corner: 

    2. Log in or create an account using the SAME email address you used for your original registration. 

    3. In your profile, you'll see "Upcoming" and "Past" events tabs. Locate the race you'd like to defer.

    4. Once you locate the race you'd like to defer, choose "Change Race" on the right hand side:
    5. When you click Change Race, you'll have two options:
      Change to Another Race: this will allow you to move your Start Times WITHIN the same race date from Open to Elite or Age Group to Elite or Age Group/Elite to Open
    6. Defer my registration for another event: this will allow you to withdraw from this event and receive credit to use at an alternate Spartan Event.

    7. Choise Defer my registation for another event and pay the fees.

    8. After payment, you will receive a confirmation of your deferral, with a coupon code that can be used to move to the next race of your choice. This coupon code is shown to you onscreen, emailed to you in a confirmation email, and saved for reference and use in the "Coupons" tab of your Chronotrack profile: 
      *If you're deferring your entry to a friend to use in your place, all you need to do is supply them with this coupon code. They can then proceed with registration as normal. (see #8)

    9. When you're ready to register for your NEW race, simply go through the registration process as usual for the new event. Input the Deferral Code you received into the Coupon Code box during registration and you will be credited the appropriate amount. Any remaining fees (price difference, Participant insurance, processing charge) will be your responsibility at that time.
    10. It is up to you to ensure the race you want to transfer to is not sold out and also be aware that events can sell out at any time. It is possible for a heat for event to sell out during the transfer process. 

    Recap :

    This service is available until the Thursday before the race 11pm. It's from :

    • 10 € (VAT included) until one week before the event
    • 20 € (VAT included) the last week before the event

    Once the service has been activated, the participant will receive a carryover credit code equal to the paid fare (of the same size), less applicable service charges and transfer fees.


    Transfer you to another category:

  • 1. Once you arrive at the time of the change of race, you have the choice of the transfer mode:


    Choose the option: Change to another race:

    This service is available until Thursday 18h the week before the event, additional fees may be requested as well as category change fees:

    •  0 EUR going from Elite to Age Group, Elite to Open and Age Group to Open categories;
    •  10 EUR (from 2019 20€) (VAT included) for an Open Transfer to Age Group and Age Group to Elite;
    •  20 EUR (VAT included) for an Open transfer to Elite;
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