2020 European Championship

Due to the current situation and because of the current restrictions and requirements set by the official authorities in Austria, which includes an order that no mass sporting events is to be held in the near future, it's with heavy heart that the European Championship has to leave the mountains of Oberndorf/Tirol to land in a new undiscovered destination: TENERIFE - Canary Island, on December 11-13 2020.

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2020 European Championship Race Page 

The European Championship event will offer Championship Heats in the categories Elite and Age Group only (The Open heats are no European Championship heats). In order to race in the Elite or Age Group category at the European Championship you will need to qualify.

The qualification system for the European Championship for 2020 is as follows:

  • Elite Racers qualify for the Championship by placing top 10 in category Elite at any Spartan Race in Europe between July 01, 2019 – December 6, 2020.
  • Age Group Racers qualify for the Championship by placing top 10 in their Age Group category at any Spartan Race in Europe between July 01, 2019 – December  06, 2020. For Spain as the new hosting country, Top20 male and Top20 female from each age bracket of all Age Group race heats will qualify.

* Due to the situation around Covid-19 many qualifier races have been cancelled or postponed to dates after the 2020 European Championship Event. Therefore, the qualification rules are updated to ensure our top Elite and Age Group racers do not miss out. Elite and Age Group racers that had qualified for the 2019 European Championship are now automatically qualified for the 2020 European Championship. 


All races taking place after the European Championship event in Tenerife (December 11-13, 2020) are qualifier races for the 2021 European Championship. Also, races between the originally scheduled European Championships (September 12, 2020) and December 12 will qualify for both 2020 and 2021 European Championships. 


*Roll Down*

In both cases, the roll-down system will come into effect. (* the 1st place qualifier should already have a code so the qualification will drop to the next racer who has not already qualified.) 

Every qualified racer will receive an email invitation with his/her personal qualification code that is then to be used in order to sign up for the Championship event. It is not possible to register without your personal qualification code. The invitation emails will be sent automatically and do not need to be claimed by the qualified racer. If qualified at a race between July 1, 2019 and November 17, 2019 the invitation email will be sent until latest November 30, 2019 to all those that registered in that time period. For all other races starting from November 18, 2019 the email invitation will be sent latest 3 weeks after the event where the qualification was accomplished.

Registration for the new European Championship Event 2020 in Tenerife is now open.

IMPORTANT: you have to hold a passport of a European Country or be a permanent resident in a European Country in order to be eligible for prize money, awards and podium recognition. If you are not holding a passport of a European country or a permanent resident of a European Country you can qualify and race and are considered an "exhibition competitor".  It means if you are classified as an "exhibition competitor" you are not eligible for prize money, awards, and podium recognition.

WARNING : Only racers 18 or older on the day of the Championships can take part in the Euro Champs! 

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