How do I create a team or join one?

How do I create a team or join one?
Create or join a team during registration
1.Start the registration as usual.
2. At the point "Create or join team" you have 3 options
A) Register no team
If you choose this option you will not take part in any team ranking.

B) Creating a new team
Here you can create a new team and invite your team members to join it.

Enter the desired team name in the form field.
Optionally you can also assign a password that new team members must know in
order to join your team. Via the button "Invite team members" you can invite as many
people as you like to join your team. Enter the e-mail address of your friends - they will
then receive an e-mail with instructions on how to join the team. (Your team members
will automatically be assigned the same race and start time.) Now complete the
registration to create the team and send the invitations.
C) Join existing team
Here you have the opportunity to join an existing team. Enter the first 3 characters of
the team name. Then you will be suggested team names that contain your input.

Refine the results by entering additional characters of the team name. If the desired
team is displayed, click on its name to select it. If the team was protected with a
password you have to enter it now. Please note that the start time is automatically set
to the time the team captain has chosen! Complete the registration now to join the
2. Create or join a team after registration
Log into your MaxFun Register Account at
If you need further help, please read: How do I log in to my account?
After logging in you will see all your races. In the dropdown on the right, select the
desired participant to see the data given during registration.
Now you see the team settings for this race and can edit them as during the online

Please note that all participants must start in the same format (SPRINT, ELITE, BEAST)
in order to participate in the team ranking. The start time is automatically set to the
value chosen by the team captain.
* Please note that all changes must be completed 15 days before the race.

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