Maggiora special transfer options - COVID19

Due to the postponement of the Maggiora event, Spartan offers the following special transfer options.
These apply for Sprint, Super, Kids and HH registrants.
Please note:
These options are only available from 12.03. 2020 - 11am until 15. 04. 2020 - 11pm.
From 15. 04. 2020 - 11pm on, the regular transfer options will be activated again.

IMPORTANT: The code is available 3 months after the regular event date (28.06.2020). Only usable for 2020 events.
For more details read here the regular Transfer options!

IMPORTANT : How to open your MaxFun profile

1)Keep your registration and stay in the rescheduled race
Your tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled event on  24./25. 10. 2020.
No further actions are required. You can find your updated registration and confirmation email in your Max Fun profile.

 2) Transfer to the same race format in Italy in 2020 free of charge
You can transfer your race in the same format (Sprint, Super, Kids & HH) to another race in 2020 in Italy without any costs.
This option can used by any registration, even if you registered with a code for free.
For example:
If you booked the "Maggiora Sprint Open Heat" ,you can now transfer your registration to another Sprint Open Heat in one of the other Italian events like for example: Orte Sprint Open Heat.

For that: you need to enter your MaxFun profile and choose the option "DEFERRAL" in the Dropdown on the right. Now you can choose e.g.  "Dolomiti Sprint Open Heat" | If you booked "Maggiora Super Elite Heat" you can transfer to  "Orte Super Elite Heat"
With this option it's not possible to transfer from Sprint to Super.

This option includes the following races you can transfer to:
Spartan Orte 2020 25./26. 04. 2020
Spartan Cesenatico 2020 30./31. 05. 2020
Spartan Dolomiti 27./28. 06. 2020
Spartan Misano-Cattolica 19./20. 09. 2020


Please note:

  • The code you will get can not be changed afterwards.
  • The code you will get is bound to your name and there is no option to give the code to someone else.
  • It's not possible to transfer from Sprint to Super. But a transfer from Super to Sprint is possible.
  • Only races which are shown can be chosen. There is no exception

3)Defer your registration for any race in Western Europe
(Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Andorra, Slovenia, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Denmark)
With the deferral you receive a voucher  with the value of the amount you paid for your registration.
This voucher can be used now for another race in Western Europe.
For more details read here the regular Transfer options!

In this option you can also transfer to other Italian events regardless of the race format.
(e.g. Sprint Open Heat to Super Elite Heat)


This option can not be used if you registered with a code. Only the paid amount for the registration that gets deferred is considered. If a discount or a deferment code was used for the original registration, only the amount that was paid to complete that registration will be considered. (e.g. if the payment for a €100 registration will be done with a 40% or €40 voucher code, the deferment for that race will be a €60 voucher code. MaxFun calculates only the amount paid in, not the amount the race would cost. Therefore, if a 100% code will be used, the voucher code is worth €0.)


If you used transferoption B or C you will find your code in the coupon section on the right site in your MAXFUN account


1) your Code
2) format you can use your code. If nothing is shown it can be used on any race.


You can enter the code during the registration.
Add code here (1) and click (2) "Use Coupon"
The amount will change now.
Now you can finish your registration (3)


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